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The Shooting Game 3 is the sequel to The Shooting Game 2

Pick up the story where The Shooting Game 2 left off, and continue what you've been heading for this whole time, the master bullets. They are held by a princess who has no control over them, the bullets are powerful, and can kill if it's in the wrong hands instantly, and another person is heading for them, thus you must rescue her and take the bullets, and use them to end the chaos around the continent.

The Shooting Game 3 is a fantasy folklore based RPG

It is recommended that you play The Shooting Game 2 before this.


  • Programmed by SkyFox
  • Music by Vindsvept and Merrigan
  • Beta Tested by: Lerrycapetime & xxshadowkiller1065

If you have any questions about the game, leave it in the comments and I will answer them!


The Shooting Game 3.rar 19 MB

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